I believe that story telling is one of the most important activities for human beings all over the world. No matter which culture and at what period in history you look at, story telling lies at the heart of all societies.

Passing on my knowledge and experience in story telling to others has become a deeply enjoyable passion for me, and I have been teaching since I left film school in 2001. 

I have taught in many different places, from Seattle to Ghana, from Denmark to Zimbabwe. Over the years I have developed my own style of conducting these workshops and seminars, and I tend to be very much down to earth. I try to make each workshop as relaxed and entertaining for the participants as possible, because I believe that this provides for the best learning experience.

I can conduct workshops and seminars in English, German and Danish.

Please find details for the variety of workshops I conduct to the left. I can easily customize a workshop or seminar to fit your special needs. I am also happy to travel and to conduct longer workshops. Please contact me for details.