MMX Rental

On my first trip to Zimbabwe I could see that film equipment was a huge problem in the country, and my initial idea to address this issue was to ask some of the bigger rental companies in Denmark to pack some of their older equipment and ship it to Zimbabwe.

But I soon realized, that this would not help very much, since technology is moving forward so rapidly, that older equipment soon would be useless. So I partnered up with the two Danish rental facilities FilmGear and Redrental and the production house MediaMatrix in Harare to establish MMX Rental.

It took about 2 years and a trip to Zimbabwe in 2014 to convince the Danish companies that it was a good idea to send 1.2 tons of modern film equipment to a small African nation with a dysfunctional film industry, but in the end we succeeded and have opened our doors in May 2015.

So far we have had a good mix of both local and international clients, and we hope that one of the local film makers is right in what he said when he saw the gear on our premises: “This is going to be a game changer for the local industry!”

For more information, please visit our website at: or go to our facebook page.